Training program of 100 educational stage principals on team building and conflict management in Al-Motaqadimah Schools

23 October, 2021 10:10 AM

The educational sector for school leadership presented by the educational stage principals and deputy headmasters, implemented a team building and conflict management program in Al-Motaqdimah Schools. The aforementioned program came into fruition thanks to the efforts of the assistant head of the education sector for private education, leadership, and governance. The program targeted over 100 educational stage principals and Deputy Headmasters. 
The training program addressed the factors of team building, formation, development, management, and servant leadership skills.
In addition, those concerned with the training were taught conflict management skills; starting with identifying the sources, causes of conflicts, and how to deal with them according to modern scientific methods.
The program included discussions, interventions, and workshops for the trainees to reach the best achievable results. It also highlighted the importance of working according to the general system and conflict management mechanism within the educational field.
Dr. Saad Saqr, the assistant general supervisor of the program, expressed his contentment with the large attendance of principals and deputies, and their effective and distinguished participation. Furthermore, the trainees’ great interaction throughout the workshops that permeated the program was more than satisfactory to Dr.Saqr, as he pointed out the importance of teamwork by incorporating effective and influential working groups in the educational field