Al-Haqbani : Launch of the program to guarantee learning, education, behavioral and ethical education in advanced schools

15 July, 2021 6:40 AM

Chairman of the Board of Departure of the Al-Motaqadimah Schools Company, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Haqbani, held an extensive meeting with the coordinators of public relations, acceptance, registration, and customer service in the educational complexes of the Al-Motaqadimah Company to follow up on the role of these administrations in providing exceptional communication with parents and students and in following up on the important role of public relations in the coming period.


The meeting, which was hosted by the Al-Motaqadimah Smart Learning Schools, was attended by dozens of officials from the public relations coordinators in the Al-Motaqadimah Schools. The chairman pointed to the role of the public relations in providing a real, synthetic picture about education in the Al-Motaqadimah Schools, and about the special educational programs offered by the educational complexes to their students, and how they were able to maintain the quality of education during the period of distance learning.


The president of the Al-Motaqadimah Company stressed that the Ruler is a major partner with the school in the success of the educational process. He stressed the need for strong communication with students and their parents during the summer period, for their inspection, and for opening horizons of practical programs with them, and for benefiting from the school and its facilities in offering summer programs to students.


Dr. Al-Haqbani explained that the Al-Motaqadimah Company will receive the new school year with major preparations to promote the educational process and achieve the quality of education through two large projects, namely ensuring learning and education, and behavioral and moral education. These projects represent the two aspects of education in the complexes of the company during the next school year, and he praised the role of public relations coordinators in educational complexes to follow the bright image of education and schools.