Chairman's Message

26 May, 2021 8:45 AM

Welcome to the Al-Motaqadimah Schools Company, the investment giant in education.  In 1416,  put his first project in the Al Quds neighborhood in Riyadh under the name of Al-Amjad Schools, which will establish a creative and useful generation living in the light of its creed. After that, this idea became the biggest educational company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with deep philosophies that focus on supporting the performance of students because it is the ultimate exit for education. Our focus was not on the inputs and processes as much as on the classroom environment and its development, because it is the geographical situation in which the elements of the educational process interact with the teacher, the learner and the student in a creative form. The curricula have turned into practical dimensions through innovative teaching methods that are far removed from indoctrination and the use of different types of technology.  The Al-Motaqadimah Schools Company would not have met in a company with this experience if it had not been for god Almighty. Then, the integration of the elements of leadership, management and power in its leadership, departments and working staff, its clear vision and the transcendence of its message, which is based on presenting a competing education in practical dimensions, in accordance with the constants of the nation and the orientations of the nation in an attractive and learning-stimulating environment, with the community partnership of a generation that produces knowledge. The Al-Motaqadimah Schools Company has been striving since its inception to achieve new progress in the field of education. Thanks to god and the efforts of sons, it has made great and varied strides in the field of education. From one school 26 years ago to 24 integrated educational complexes in the cities of Riyadh, Al-Kharg and Al-Ahsa, including private, international, Egyptian and American diploma schools and quality schools, Smart Learning in the Al-Mugharazat Dist.  Our company is distinguished by offering education that is subject to a well-studied scientific method, in accordance with educational plans and strategic objectives that rely on training as an entry point for development and improvement, with a complete transformation of the technology system, and obtaining academic accreditation for our schools from the American company Cúgina. It is moving at a steady pace in achieving its goals of creating a generation that produces knowledge.

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Al Haqbani